Thursday, January 8, 2009

A January Day in Oregon

Of all the months in the year, January is the slowest. We have the weather of December but without Christmas. What a gip. :)

I think this January should go at a good pace, since there is quite a bit happening. We've already had a great deal or rain, wind, and some snow, but we can also tell that the days are getting longer!

Today felt like a spring day. Sun, downpour, sun, downpour...
It was a perfect time for a picture between the rain.

The picture on the right shows the flooding around our land. The water is covering a field in a L shape around our pasture, but hasn't passed the field fence yet.

Our property is still nearly puddleless! During the 1996 flood our pasture was covered in pretty deep water. Several years since then we have had a pretty good river or giant puddle out there, but the last few years have been very good. When it rains too hard too fast we get a river strait through the middle of the rabbitry! Thankfully all the rabbits and equipment are high enough, all it does is make the groud muddy.

Yesterday, on the way home from my sister's house we stopped at Copper Creek Boers and picked up a new little wether. He is SUCH a handsome guy! Thank you so much Becki! He's birthday is December 20th, one of those snowy days. He's a good sized baby and very serious about his food.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the pictures,

LouisJoash/SnowballJoash/SnowballLouis and RiahLouis and RiahAmeliaRue
And little Sophie


Dawn Dancer said...

Lovely pictures! (and I didn't take them). :)

Joash is so darling!!

dura mater said...

Joash is indeed a dashing young guy with lots of charm and a big appetite!

Johanna said...

Joash is ADORABLE!