Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington County Fair

The Washington County Fair went well. The poor camera got left at home so all I have are some rather poor ones from a cell phone. Still, its better then nothing. They aren't perfect of the sheep and their worse of me...anyways....Yeah.
So, our competition didn't show up so we had the any other meet breed all to ourselves. At least everyone placed exactly how I thought they would. A good learning experience.

Yearling Ram
KRK 977 Johann

And again....

And again....
He's perfect on a halter but a big ol' brat when you try to make him move without one. Hopefully he'll handle himself better at State.

And again...
The judge liked him.

Yeah, so he's my baby...

Champion Ram
KRK Johann and KRK Ben-Hur
Champion and Reserve

DWB Hagar

And this is the same ram picture as above. For some reason when ever I try to delete it Google is like "oh snap" and kills everything. Time to give up. You just get to see that pic again. ;-)

Champion Ewe Line Up
DWB Hagar, KRK Mercy, DWB Paris, and DWB Texas
Hagar took Champion and Paris Reserve

And this is the Flock and still waiting for my rams.
Thank you to the people who stepped in to help! That was awesome.

Over All Champion Ewe line up with Hagar.

Over All Champion Ram line up with Johann

So, yes it was a good fair!
Our sheep are down at the State fair now. We will show on Monday the 30th. Be sure to stop by the sheep barn (the Forster building) to see the Katahdins!

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian