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Mature Rams

Only ram lambs available until October/November 2011.

Mature Ewes


Sire: 0001"King Louis" RR
Dam: CKN 321 "Queen Aravis

DOB: January 9th 2008
Recorded Katahdin

Pictured as a 2 year old.

Parsley is a pretty ewe that has proved herself as an excellent mother. She gave us a set of very impressive twins as a yearling. We retained two of her gorgeous daughters, and are now ready to see her find a new flock.

~Production Record~
2009- Twins/Raised Twins (2 ewes)
2010- Single/Raised Single (1 ewe)2011 - Twins/Raised Twins (2 rams)

~Dorothy Stanferd~

Sire: 0001 "King Louis" RR
Dam: CKN 1104 "Amelia"
DOB: January 29th 2009
Recorded Katahdin
Triplet - RR

Pictured as 2 year old with on of her one month old triplets.

Dotty gave us a healthy set of twins at 13 months old. She did an excellent job of raising them herself and gave us a beautiful set of triplets in 2011. She's raised five lambs at two years old, which certainly shows Katahdins production potential.

~Production Record~
2010- Twins/Raised Twins (2 ewes)
2011 - Triplets/Raised Triplets (1 ewe, 2 rams)


Sire: Unrecorded
Dam: Unrecorded
DOB: March 2009
Commerical Katahdin
Triplet - QQ

Excellent mom and insists on grazing in all weather. Barely touches the hay feeder.  I'm impressed with the weight gains on her ram lamb, Orlando.

~Production Record~
2011- Twins/Raised Single (2 ram lambs)


Ram and Ewe lambs available. Pure Katahdin and dairy crosses. Email with interest. We will be posting details soon!