Thursday, April 8, 2010

Counting Sheep...

Vienna and Texas


Paris and Marseilles


Paris little pig. :-)

Guess who?

Miss Lonely

And Miss Lonely

Marseilles and mom, KRK 42 (Rosalind)
One of Maggie's Katahdin cross lambs in the background.

Marseilles again...
She's a real clown and very friendly. :-)

Maggie and lambs

So far I am thrilled with these dairy crosses.

Maggie, Verona, Leipzig, and Genoa

Florence and Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit and Florence
First lambs for 2010

And this is my gal, Lisbon.
She's the Katahdin dairy cross that looks the most Katahdiny. She has a Katahdin coat, Katahdin eyes, Katahdin personality, Katahdin build, and so on....
The other 5 lambs could pass as all dairy I think. This one really got the Katahdin gene.

Just so you can see how Hermen is growing!
Hermen the cow and Verona the Katahdin/Dairy cross.


Florence! Goof ball! Why are bottle babies such wackos?

Florence and Little Dorrit again....

My girl, Florence. :-)

And this is Emily, Lisbon's triplet.

All wooly...

But very nicely built!

Can you see why I'm having a hard time deciding who to keep on the farm? I was so blessed this year, I can't possibly keep them all!

Final lamb count...
9 ewes - 21 lambs (5 sets of triplets)
17 ewe lambs - 4 ram lambs