Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kidding and Lambing Season

Kidding and lambing season are over for us...until May, that is.

We did get some lovely kids and lambs. We are very pleased!

Below are pictures of some of our new additions and those that will be for sale. Contact me with questions! Thanks for looking!
AdaDrowsy Waters Ada Claire
50% Grade Doe
Sire: R R Resources Mannasah (Grade buck from top ten milking lines)
Dam: Cove Orchard Penelope (Purebred doe from show and milking lines)
$150 as bottle babyDrowsy Waters Caddy Turveydrop
50% Grade Doe
Sire: R R Resources Mannasah (Grade buck from top ten milking lines)
Dam: Cove Orchard Penelope (Purebred doe from show and milking lines)
Staying at Drowsy Waters!HughHughDrowsy Waters Hugh
Sire: R R Resources Mannasah (Grade buck from top ten milking lines)
Dam: Drowsy Waters Ella (Nubian Oberhasli Experimental from show and milking lines)
$100 buck/ $65 wether as a bottle babyDrowsy Waters Rhudi
GradeSire: R R Resources Mannasah (Grade buck from top ten milking lines)
Dam: Drowsy Waters Ella (Nubian Oberhasli Experimental from show and milking lines)
$150 buck/ $100 wether when weaned (raised on dam)JoashCopper Creek Joash
Drowsy Waters Market WetherR R Resources Mannasah
Grade Buck
Available at the end of February
Read more about him hereDrowsy Waters Mr. Boffin and Mr. Venus
Drowsy Waters Market LambsAmelia and BrookeBrooke and DottyAmelia and BrookeAmelia and twinsDrowsy Waters Brooke Burgess
25% KHSI Katahdin
Sire: King Louis
Dam: C.K. Amelia
$175 Ram Lamb at weaning or $125 as Market LambDotty

Drowsy Waters Dotty
25% KHSI Katahdin
Sire: King LouisDam:
C.K. Amelia
Staying at Drowsy Waters

Drowsy Waters Farm

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ella Kids

Ella had obviously dropped when I went down to chores yesterday morning. She had filled up too, but I left her out so she could go out to pasture with the other goats. I trust her enough after four perfect kiddings and am extremely cautious about tangled babies.

During the afternoon milking and checkup on new mommies she looked more serious so I went ahead and put her in a kidding pen. All though she was showing all the other signs, she didn't start having obvious contractions until about 4:30pm and then only erratically. After about four hours I was getting worried. She didn't seem anxious or in pain, but things just weren't progressing. At about 9:30 we finally saw a nose! Unfortunately it disappeared.

I decided to investigate. After feeling the nose and head I started to fish for legs, but couldn't find any. Everything seemed block by one big head. Within a few pushes, she finally got that head out...but nothing else happened. I could see this baby hadn't made it and was beginning to get seriously anxious about mom and the other kids. When I felt around again...still no legs...but I could find three heads! The dead kid wouldn't go back in or come out and all I could feel was ears and noses.

Ella is amazing! She got down and with a lot of grunting and pushing got a live 9 lb kid out at the same time the kid #1's neck and head were there. Kid #2 came out with one leg forward and one leg backward. Then kid #1 made it all the way out with both fronts legs tucked way back at her side and both back legs strait out. #3, another 9 lb buck came out soon after, relatively easily. (It is now 1 am...)

I couldn't bring myself to take both kids away for bottle feeding after such a horribly long labor, so I left #3 with mom. That made her very happy.

This morning she still hadn't passed the after birth. Bringing out kids is one thing; pulling a placenta a very different! That's when we call the vet. I was also very worried that she must have torn delivering two kids at once! Thankfully, after the vet check and shots she seems to have finally settled down. It's confirmed NO tearing! Praise God! I'm hoping she'll pass the placenta soon. She is definitely much happier with some pain reliever and everything. (Thank you Dr. Kahl and Newberg Veterinary Hospital! We have been so pleased with all the business we have done with this clinic!)

So I have much to be thankful for! Poor Ella! To have Amelia and Ella have trouble with triplets when we have had no birthing problems for at least three years! I guess I have more to learn this year. :-)

Any ways! Praise God that everyone seems to be doing well!

I would have pictures of Ella's two HUGE buck kids but after a very busy 24 hrs and only 3 hrs of sleep, it didn't sound to appealing to go get pics...
Here are some pictures I took early yesterday before everything started. I'll get pictures of those two adorable bucks (Hugh and Roodie) soon!

Five days old

Brooke again

Five days old

Brooke looking distinguished

And Brooke...again
This young ram will be available after he is weaned at 3-4 months

Ada and Caddy
"Let me tell you a secret."

Five days old

Ada will be available in about 10 days

Five days old

(No longer available)

And Gwen my BIG baby!

Drowsy Waters Farm

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C.K. Katahdins

My sister has now had 15 lambs with several ewes still to go! John and Johanna have 22 ewes and 2 rams and all my stock comes from them. They've had a good and healthy lambing season and Johanna's been sending me pictures although I haven't been able to see any of her lambs yet.

Katahdins are a truly wonderful breed.

They shed, just like a goat only they have a warmer coat in winter so can endure harsher temperatures.

They have amazing mother abilities and take care of their babies very well. (We have several ewes that have raised all three of their triplets. We've never had a ewe reject a lamb.)

Twins are more frequent then singles and triplets are not uncommon.

Katahdins have a much more mild temperament then most sheep and are relatively easy to handle.

They are medium to large sized and heavy muscled. Their meat is much leaner then many other types of sheep.

They come in all colors!

Katahdins are resistant to hoof rot and other common sheep problems and are known for their hardiness.

We have enjoyed raising them for nearly 10 years now!
I'm posting some of the pictures that Johanna has sent me. They will some nice stock available when these guys are ready to go to their new homes.

(All pictures in this post are courtesy of Conser Katahdins)

Enjoying the sun!Cleopatra with her new lambGoliath, brand new!Nap time!Rachel and brand new ram lamb!Bethlehem being goofyGoliath checks out the water.Penelope and ewe lambEwe lamb takes advantage of a very pregnant, tired mama's tummy!CozyIsabella's twinsChocolate (Aravis' grandma!) and ram lamb Jerusalem enjoys a sunny morningSheba"Mom!"Goliath againBrand new lamb!Farah gives birth to twin ewe lambsStanding already!First nap time

Drowsy Waters Farm