Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C.K. Katahdins

My sister has now had 15 lambs with several ewes still to go! John and Johanna have 22 ewes and 2 rams and all my stock comes from them. They've had a good and healthy lambing season and Johanna's been sending me pictures although I haven't been able to see any of her lambs yet.

Katahdins are a truly wonderful breed.

They shed, just like a goat only they have a warmer coat in winter so can endure harsher temperatures.

They have amazing mother abilities and take care of their babies very well. (We have several ewes that have raised all three of their triplets. We've never had a ewe reject a lamb.)

Twins are more frequent then singles and triplets are not uncommon.

Katahdins have a much more mild temperament then most sheep and are relatively easy to handle.

They are medium to large sized and heavy muscled. Their meat is much leaner then many other types of sheep.

They come in all colors!

Katahdins are resistant to hoof rot and other common sheep problems and are known for their hardiness.

We have enjoyed raising them for nearly 10 years now!
I'm posting some of the pictures that Johanna has sent me. They will some nice stock available when these guys are ready to go to their new homes.

(All pictures in this post are courtesy of Conser Katahdins)

Enjoying the sun!Cleopatra with her new lambGoliath, brand new!Nap time!Rachel and brand new ram lamb!Bethlehem being goofyGoliath checks out the water.Penelope and ewe lambEwe lamb takes advantage of a very pregnant, tired mama's tummy!CozyIsabella's twinsChocolate (Aravis' grandma!) and ram lamb Jerusalem enjoys a sunny morningSheba"Mom!"Goliath againBrand new lamb!Farah gives birth to twin ewe lambsStanding already!First nap time

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Peggy said...

I love those little beautiful lambs!! We have 3 Soay sheep(2 ewes and a ram that has been fixed) We hope to get another ram so we can have beautiful baby lambs too!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, some friends of ours and they used to live a mile away from us raise Khatadins.

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

What beautiful and adorable pictures, I loved them! Your lambs are beautiful and so cute!

DayPhoto said...

I have never seen these type of sheep before. They look sort of like goats, but not. Thank you for sharing and showing me more of other types of animals.