Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ella Kids

Ella had obviously dropped when I went down to chores yesterday morning. She had filled up too, but I left her out so she could go out to pasture with the other goats. I trust her enough after four perfect kiddings and am extremely cautious about tangled babies.

During the afternoon milking and checkup on new mommies she looked more serious so I went ahead and put her in a kidding pen. All though she was showing all the other signs, she didn't start having obvious contractions until about 4:30pm and then only erratically. After about four hours I was getting worried. She didn't seem anxious or in pain, but things just weren't progressing. At about 9:30 we finally saw a nose! Unfortunately it disappeared.

I decided to investigate. After feeling the nose and head I started to fish for legs, but couldn't find any. Everything seemed block by one big head. Within a few pushes, she finally got that head out...but nothing else happened. I could see this baby hadn't made it and was beginning to get seriously anxious about mom and the other kids. When I felt around again...still no legs...but I could find three heads! The dead kid wouldn't go back in or come out and all I could feel was ears and noses.

Ella is amazing! She got down and with a lot of grunting and pushing got a live 9 lb kid out at the same time the kid #1's neck and head were there. Kid #2 came out with one leg forward and one leg backward. Then kid #1 made it all the way out with both fronts legs tucked way back at her side and both back legs strait out. #3, another 9 lb buck came out soon after, relatively easily. (It is now 1 am...)

I couldn't bring myself to take both kids away for bottle feeding after such a horribly long labor, so I left #3 with mom. That made her very happy.

This morning she still hadn't passed the after birth. Bringing out kids is one thing; pulling a placenta a very different! That's when we call the vet. I was also very worried that she must have torn delivering two kids at once! Thankfully, after the vet check and shots she seems to have finally settled down. It's confirmed NO tearing! Praise God! I'm hoping she'll pass the placenta soon. She is definitely much happier with some pain reliever and everything. (Thank you Dr. Kahl and Newberg Veterinary Hospital! We have been so pleased with all the business we have done with this clinic!)

So I have much to be thankful for! Poor Ella! To have Amelia and Ella have trouble with triplets when we have had no birthing problems for at least three years! I guess I have more to learn this year. :-)

Any ways! Praise God that everyone seems to be doing well!

I would have pictures of Ella's two HUGE buck kids but after a very busy 24 hrs and only 3 hrs of sleep, it didn't sound to appealing to go get pics...
Here are some pictures I took early yesterday before everything started. I'll get pictures of those two adorable bucks (Hugh and Roodie) soon!

Five days old

Brooke again

Five days old

Brooke looking distinguished

And Brooke...again
This young ram will be available after he is weaned at 3-4 months

Ada and Caddy
"Let me tell you a secret."

Five days old

Ada will be available in about 10 days

Five days old

(No longer available)

And Gwen my BIG baby!

Drowsy Waters Farm


Peggy said...

Congratulations!!! I really know what you were going thru with this delivery. Each time I think of Sonya and her tangled triplets I get ill. Prayer sure got me thru it and I am so happy your doe and kids came thru too. Sorry you lost one but what a blessing to have not lost your doe and the other two!

KathyB. said...

What beautiful kids, and a very busy kidding season for you too. I do miss baby goats , but have lambs, and they are awfully cute too ! Hope you do get your have busy days ahead of you don't you?

Jenna said...

Would some Oxitocin help get that placenta out? That's what we do with our does if it's taking a while...
Good job Ella!!! Glad that she got them all out safely:)

Bethany said...

Great post! I am really looking forward to our kids coming too, it's a great time of the year.
I would second what Jenna said about the Oxitocin. We have had retained placentas before the it usually comes out pretty good if you give a shot of it.
I love your blog!

Bethany said...

Bethany and Jenna, thank you for your comment about the Oxitocin. I have heard of it often and have wanted it for retained kits in our Holland Lops as well. I can not, however, figure out how to get it. It is controled (here at least) and no one has been willing to sell it. How did you guys get yours?

I would like to have some on hand. In this case I am glad that we actually had the vet come out just to confirm nothing tore and to give her some pain reliever. (She is also are most valuable doe giving 4 gallons a day at peak!) In most cases, I would like to have something on hand to give myself.

Thanks for your comments. If you see this, please let me know. Thanks!

An English Shepherd said...

Well Done, congratulations :-)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Glad your doe is OK, that sounds like a nerve wracking birth. You sure have had some beautiful lambs and kids born on your farm this year!