Monday, May 18, 2009


With kidding and lambing ended, I've been thinking more about what we'll be doing next year. When to breed? Who to breed to who? Do I have the stock I'll want to feed over the fall/winter? What can I do better this year? What should I do the same? And on and on....

The big question at the moment that I need to I can plan around is..."When do I want to lamb/kid?" I had all January/early February babies this year except my younger ewes, and I kind of liked it.

What have you all found to be the best? Ove the last ten years we've done December-July, and I see several pros and cons to winter, spring, and summer.

Anyways...more on that later. For now I need to post these pictures and then get back to work.
Here are some more pictures of CK Katahdins for sale, as promised.

Ram Lamb $125 Sinai
Ram Lamb $125
Mordecai with Mom
$125 Jehospaphat
Ram Lamb $125
Ram Lamb Hadassah
Ewe Lamb $125


Saturday, May 16, 2009

~C.K. Katahdins For Sale~

This is just a post about sheep... My sister lives in the Albany area and has several ewes and rams for sale. Most our lines are very similar (all of mine come out of hers except Johann, of course).

Their Katahdins are raised on mostly pasture and lamb in pasture. All her 2009 lambs are from January and February and are ready to go to their new homes!

She has six ram lambs available-

1/20/09 Jehoshaphat – dark brown, white tail, single ram lamb $125

1/21/09 Xerxes – lighter brown twin ram lamb, $125

1/24/09 Elijah – very dark brown, single ram lamb, $125

1/31/09 Mordecai – white single ram lamb, $125

2/8/09 – Ishbosheth – lighter brown, twin ram lamb, $125

2/8/09 – Sinai – reddish brown, twin ram lamb, $125

And three yearling ewes all exposed to her red ram and one young ewe lamb-

1/19/08 Abigail – white yearling ewe $100

2/18/08 Shiloh – dark brown w/white face and leg markings yearling ewe, $175

2/19/08 Tirzah – white yearling ewe, $175

(All these ewes would be due somewhere between Sept 9th-30th)

1/21/09 Haddasah - lighter brown twin ewe lamb, $125

I don't have any current pictures of the boys, but here are May pictures of the yearling ewes. Contact me if you'd like some current pics of the rams.

She may have some proven ewes available later as well.

C.K. Tirzah
Possibly pregnant yearling

Possibly pregnant yearling
(Out of KHSI registered parents)

C.K. Shiloh
Possibly pregant yearling


Just More Pictures

Drowsy Waters' Tate
Out of Drowsy Waters Rue
10 Days old and enjoying the pasture and sunshine
Drowsy Waters' Mr. Venus
January ram lamb. Available any time $125
Last lamb of the season!
The Boys
Drowsy Waters Hue- for sale $125
Copper Creek Farm's Joash- 2009 market wether
KRK Johann- Up and coming ram for our flock!
Drowsy Waters Tate and Brady
Rue's 10 day old twins
2009 Market Lambs
Tate again! So cute!
Goat Palace Sophie
One of our three yearling Boer does
Goat Palace Sally Blue Eyes
75% Boer and half sister to Sophie
Both out of Elite Ennobled Tuck!
Drowsy Waters Hagar and Tamar
Parsley's twin ewe lambs
Both staying for future breeding stock at Drowsy Waters
Drowsy Waters Ruddi (aka Chunky Monkey)
We will be using this guy as a buck for some of our does this year.
He has all the hardiness of a cross even though he is nearly all Nubian,
and he is HUGE and very long in body. His mom is an amazing milker.
KRK Johann
Growing well!
Gwendolyn, another yearling Boer doe.
Can't wait to see her as a mom in 2010.
R R Resources Virginia Grace
Lovely yearling doe!
Drowsy Water Ella
Our Nubian/Oberhasli milk cow :-)
Papa Louis
CK Amelia and one of her January lambs,
Drowsy Waters Dotty, a wonderful girl that will be staying here!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Babies and a Lazy Warm Day

Drowsy Waters Tamar
Born on April 24th
Drowsy Waters January Ram Lambs
Mr. Boffin, Mr Venus, and Mr. Brooke
Ready to go to new homes! $125 eachParsley and her twin ewe lambs!
Tamar and Hagar
Mr. Brooke
Drowsy Waters Bradey
Born April 30th
Bradey again...with tired mom
Rue had a long labor and is a bit tuckered out in this picture.
She gave us wonderful ram lambs, Tate and Bradey.
Aravis three month old ram lambs.
Mr. Boffin and Mr. Venus