Saturday, May 16, 2009

~C.K. Katahdins For Sale~

This is just a post about sheep... My sister lives in the Albany area and has several ewes and rams for sale. Most our lines are very similar (all of mine come out of hers except Johann, of course).

Their Katahdins are raised on mostly pasture and lamb in pasture. All her 2009 lambs are from January and February and are ready to go to their new homes!

She has six ram lambs available-

1/20/09 Jehoshaphat – dark brown, white tail, single ram lamb $125

1/21/09 Xerxes – lighter brown twin ram lamb, $125

1/24/09 Elijah – very dark brown, single ram lamb, $125

1/31/09 Mordecai – white single ram lamb, $125

2/8/09 – Ishbosheth – lighter brown, twin ram lamb, $125

2/8/09 – Sinai – reddish brown, twin ram lamb, $125

And three yearling ewes all exposed to her red ram and one young ewe lamb-

1/19/08 Abigail – white yearling ewe $100

2/18/08 Shiloh – dark brown w/white face and leg markings yearling ewe, $175

2/19/08 Tirzah – white yearling ewe, $175

(All these ewes would be due somewhere between Sept 9th-30th)

1/21/09 Haddasah - lighter brown twin ewe lamb, $125

I don't have any current pictures of the boys, but here are May pictures of the yearling ewes. Contact me if you'd like some current pics of the rams.

She may have some proven ewes available later as well.

C.K. Tirzah
Possibly pregnant yearling

Possibly pregnant yearling
(Out of KHSI registered parents)

C.K. Shiloh
Possibly pregant yearling


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