CKN 321
~Queen Aravis~

Sire: 0001 "King Louis" RR
Dam: CKN 32 "Princess"
DOB: February 1st 2006
Recorded Katahdin
Twin - QR

Pictured as a 4 year old.

Aravis is a well built, wide, long, sound, and productive ewe.

She is a heavy milker with quick weight gains, and gives us a clear picture of what we want in the ideal Katahdin. She is laid back and will let us milk her for foster lambs or other uses. We have milked over 1/2 gallon from her at one time. 

Her offspring have already proven themselves as production animals.
Special thanks to CKN Katahdins for this lovely girl!

~Production Record~
2008- Triplets/Raised Triplets(2 ewes, 1 ram)
2009- Twins/Raised Twins (2 rams)
2010- Twins/Raised Twins (2 ewes)

2011- Twins/Raised Single (1 ram, 1 ?)


Sire: 0001"King Louis" RR
Dam: CKN 321 "Queen Aravis

DOB: January 9th 2008
Recorded Katahdin

Pictured as a 2 year old.

Parsley is a pretty ewe that has proved herself as an excellent mother. She gave us a set of very impressive twins as a yearling. We retained two of her gorgeous daughters, and are now ready to see her find a new flock.

~Production Record~

2009- Twins/Raised Twins (2 ewes)
2010- Single/Raised Single (1 ewe)2011 - Twins/Raised Twins (2 rams)

KRK 42~Rosalind~
Sire: NF 574
Dam: BSA 114
DOB: February 17th 2003
Registered Katahdin
Twin ~ QR

Pictured as a 7 year old.

We are excited to have Rosalind in our flock and are thrilled with her mothering capabalities and lambs. Her daughter, Venice is stunning and her 2011 lamb crop is impressive as well.

~Production Record~
2004-2009 info unavailable
2010- Triplets/Raised Triplets (3 ewes!)
2011 - Triplets/Raised Triplets (1 ewe, 2 rams)

~Dorothy Stanferd~

Sire: 0001 "King Louis" RR
Dam: CKN 1104 "Amelia"
DOB: January 29th 2009
Recorded Katahdin
Triplet - RR

Pictured as 2 year old with on of her one month old triplets.


Dotty gave us a healthy set of twins at 13 months old. She did an excellent job of raising them herself and gave us a beautiful set of triplets in 2011. She's raised five lambs at two years old, which certainly shows Katahdins production potential.

~Production Record~
2010- Twins/Raised Twins (2 ewes)
2011 - Triplets/Raised Triplets (1 ewe, 2 rams)


Sire: CKN "Zechariah"
Dam: DWB 10A "Parsley"
DOB: April 25th 2009
Recorded Katahdin

Pictured as a 2 year old with her one month old twins.

My favorite of our 09 lambs, Hagar is really a striking ewe. She's a twin from a yearling and has grown very well and quickly. She's mild and did well socially and competitively at 2009 and 2010 fairs. She's proving to be an excellent mom in 2011 and we're very pleased with her.

~Production Record~
2011 - Twins/Raise Twins (1 ewe, 1 ram)

VJ 4025

Sire: VJ 3027
Dam: 4 00
DOB: March 2nd 2004
Recorded Katahdin

Pictured at 7 years old with new ewe lamb.

We're very happy to have Athens here and in love with her 2011 ewe lamb, Beatrice. She has a lot of strengths to advance our our flock, with her length, height, depth, and overall size. Thank you KRK Katahdins!

~Production Record~
2005-2009 Records Unavailable
2010 - Quadruplets
2011 - Single/Raised single (1 ewe)


Sire: Info coming!
Dam: Info coming!

DOB: July 10th 2009
Registered Katahdin

Pictured at age 2 with one of he lovely, month old lambs.

We are thrilled to have Mercy here in our flock. She's built for production and beauty. :-)

~Production Record~2011- Twins/Raised Twins (1 ewe, 1 ram)


Sire: Unrecorded
Dam: Unrecorded
DOB: March 2009
Commerical Katahdin
Triplet - QQ


Excellent mom and insists on grazing in all weather. Barely touches the hay feeder.  I'm impressed with the weight gains on her ram lamb, Orlando.

~Production Record~

2011- Twins/Raised Single (2 ram lambs)


Sire: Unrecorded
Dam: Unrecorded
DOB: March 2009
Commerical Katahdin
Triplet - QQ

Juliet has proved herself as a mom and high milking ewe. Love her coloring.

~Production Record~
2011 - Twins/Raised single (1 ewe, 1 ram)

Sire: Unrecorded
Dam: Unrecorded
DOB: May 7th 2007
Dairy Breed Cross
Triplet - QR

Pictured at two years old with young triplets.

Maggie is a large, beautiful ewe! Thank you so much Coleen for this gal and her sister, Dolly. Both have proved excellent moms giving us triplet their first lambings and producing MILK! Lots of it!

We milked Maggie produces lambs and milk in great quantities and well. She's mild and takes everything in stride. An amazing ewe that we hope has a long future here. 
Thanks again Coleen!

~Production Record~
2010- Triplet/Raised Triplets (1 ram, 2 ewes)
2011 - Triplets/Raised single (1 ram, 2 ewes)

Future Ewes

Information on our eight yearling ewes coming soon.