KRK 977

Sire: VJ 7066
Dam: KRK 622
DOB: February 17th 2009
Registered Katahdin
Triplet - RR

Pictured as a yearling.

We're so thankful to have Johann as part of our flock. He gave us a beautiful set of 2010 lambs we are now getting ready to breed. It will be very exciting to see how his daughters do in the line of duty. 

He's an imposing, long, well-muscled ram who, at heart, is really just a cuddle-bug. Johann has made many friends over the past two years and will be greatly missed in the 2011 show ring. He took Reserve Grand Champion as a Jr. Ram lamb in 2009 at the Oregon State Fair and continued to hold is ground as yearling in several fairs in 2010. Now it's time to buckle down and see what influence he can give our home flock.

KRK 1068
~Judah Ben-Hur~

Sire: AV 0129
Dam: VJ 516
DOB: January 19th 2010
Registered Katahdin
Triplet - QQ

Pictured as a yearling. 

Ben-Hur has plenty to offer. He's so long and strait, with excellent weight gains and production lines behind him. His mom raised him and his two brothers weaning 300 lbs of lamb!

He did well as a fall ram lamb in 2010 and we look forward to taking him along to a few 2011 fairs. 

He gave us some stunning ram lambs this year and a ewe lamb that will be staying at Drowsy Waters. We look forward to his future here!

See pictures of Ben-Hur at 4 months.

AV 0001
~King Louis the XVI~

Sire: Unrecorded
Dam: Unrecorded
DOB: Spring 2002
Twin - RR

Pictured at 9 years old.

Louis has had a dramatic influence on our flock for the past nine years. He consistently gives us beautiful, growthy, spotted lambs crossed with a wide variety of bloodlines. We're very proud to have him here and to work with so many of his gorgeous daughters. 

We purchased Louis from Nepoyln Iskby when he was selling out of Katahdins. We were not able to receive full paperwork, but we've decided to keep using him in our flock and record his offspring. He's just too good to put into retirement. 

Future Rams
We'll be keeping several ram lambs through the fall for breeding. We'll select one to stay with our flock, but the rest will be for sale around November. We'll have two dairy/Katahdin cross rams available in October.