Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meet KRK 1068 "Judah Ben-Hur"

Born January 19th 2010
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Out of Napolyn (an AV ram owned by KRK) and a ewe from Montana.
60 day adjusted weight, 71 lbs
Weaning weight 97 lbs
Dam weaned 300lbs of lamb!

Johann and Ben-Hur
Don't look to closely in this picture...Johann shed out his main and it hasn't come back yet. He's very embarrassed.

Current ram line up.
Louis, Johann, Leipzig, and Ben-Hur

8 year old Louis and 4 month old Ben-Hur

Thank you so much KRK Katahdins for this amazing young ram! We really look forward to what he puts in our flock.

You can meet Ben-Hur at the Washington County or State Fair this year! :-)

More on the ewes that came home later...

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian


Jubilant Wife said...

Tell Johann he still looks studly.

And Ben-Hur is such a great name for a ram!

Polka Dot said...

Ben-Hur is cute. :-)

dura mater said...

Poor Johann...

Johanna said...

He's beautiful. Er. Handsome, I mean.

Very meaty.
And, yes, Johann still looks very beefy and handsome.

Marianne at Black Walnut Woolens said...

I love the markings on your new ram! I look forward to meeting him...