Thursday, May 27, 2010

Annual Testing

Today we did one of my least favorite thing related to our critters...drawing blood.
Thankfully we have a very nice friend who is willing to do it for me so I just have to hold the sheep. I can deal with about anything, but not blood so much....

We did our OPP testing plus some genetic testing for Scrapie resistance. All my rams to this point have been RR, but our new ram is QQ, so I'd like to know more what my ewes are like. All of the ewes I have are at least QR and a couple are confirmed RR, but I'm looking forward to these results.

Normally for OPP and CL testing we use WADDL, but for the DNA testing we use Gene Check, Inc. We sent everything in to Gene Check this time, which was actually cheaper too. I guess it is good to get a test from a different lab anyways.

Sorry no pictures for this post...not my favorite thing to take pictures of...

I'll be posting the results!
Miss Pickwickian

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