Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pics and Updates

The sheep section of our website is now updated!
Drowsy Waters Farm Site

But it will need more updates soon because we brought home our new KRK ram, a adult ewe, and a dairy lamb today! We are very excited. Pictures to come!

One of my yearlings that I am the happiest with!
Looking forward to this gal performing in our breeding program.

Hagar seems to not like me as much as I like her...




Aravis and Ophelia

Love this shot....
Rosalind thinks she's the mama to all our lambs and kids and weaning has been a little harder for her. During the chaos Dotty, ever alert, looks on.

Hagar, Aravis, Amelia (fatty!), and Mercy

My only January ewe lamb that's staying.

A row of keepers...
Texas, Venice, Paris, and Florence

Hagar again...because she's my favorite (one of them ;-) know who



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