Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Routine Again and Hard Choices

Life is busy! My sister and I recently got back from a trip to Mexico and ran strait into a brother's graduation and another brother's wedding! Life is good! When it's crazy and when it slows back down again.... I am hoping for some quite days ahead...

Part of life being busy is our goats. Recently I have been just a bit to busy and the barn has been just a bit to crowded. I've also being dealing with some very nasty pain in my hands while milking. I really can't keep it up.
Through a lot of different issues and all the things going on in my life we've decided to sell out of goats. It was a
very hard decisions, but I am confident it is the best one for my life right now. We will miss them! We bought our first girls in Jan 1999. Eleven years... Yes, we will miss, miss, miss them!

Thank you to those of you who have already given our goats excellent homes! We do have several left and I'm posting the list here.

Thank you to all of those who have sold us goats or bought goats and milk from us!

I'll be posting some new pictures soon. We are certainly having picture perfect weather here.
Miss Pickwickian

Meat and milk production stock available! $75-$350. Detailed list below. All CAE and CL tested.

We want them all to find good homes. We will give discounts on the purchase of 3 or more.
If you have any questions about our stock or how they are raised feel free to contact us by phone or email. I can be reached at 503-476-4575.

Our stock is raised on hay, alfalfa, free choice minerals, minimal grain, and pasture.
Detailed list below. Pictures available on all stock. Thank you!

~Oberhasli and Nubian Milk Goats Available~

Bucks and Wethers

*Drowsy Waters Sweet Potato Pie*
February 10th 2010 - Quadruplet - Brown
Nubian/Oberhasli grade wether. Excellent pet or meat goat.

The Does

*Drowsy Waters Bristol*
February 10th 2010 - Quadruplet - Brown with some black markings
Grade Nubian/Oberhasli doeling. Excellent milk lines. Out Drowsy Waters Ella and Drowsy Waters Rudi.

*Drowsy Waters Alexandria*
February 10th 2010 - Quadruplet - Brown with some black markings
Grade Nubian/Oberhasli doeling. Excellent milk lines. Out Drowsy Waters Ella and Drowsy Waters Rudi.

*Drowsy Waters Atlanta*
February 5th 2010 - Single - Brown with black markings
Nubian grade. Lovely, lovely milk doeling. Long, deep...all dairy. Out of Cove Orchard's Penelope (an excellent purebred milker) and our grade buck out of top production lines. Really promises to be an excellent combination. Would love to keep her but don't have the room.
$150 with grade registration or $125 unregistered.

*Drowsy Waters Georgia*
February 14th 2010 - Twin -Black with white markings and ears
Nubian grade. Out of amazing milking lines! Should do very well. Mom is a lovely doe from RR Resources. Her sire is out of a all milk doe that gives over 3 gallons of milk a day! Has both amazing show lines and production lines in there. Her weak point is her ears are a bit goofy.
$150 as registered grade $125 unregistered.

*Drowsy Waters Ella*
February 15th 2003 - Brown with black markings
Nubian/Oberhasli grade. Excellent producer. Has given us 17 kids in 6 kidding seasons. Excellent mom. Produces past 3 gallons a day at peak. Currently milking. Freshened in February.

*RR Resources Virginia Grace*
April 1st 2008 - Quadruplet - Black and white
American Nubian. This is her first year and she gave us a lovely set of twins and is milking very, very nicely. Out of B* T&L March's Ranch Wickedwinner and 3*M RR Resources Valveeta. Some of the best lines you can find.

~Boer Meat Goats Available~

The Bucks

*Parker's Gormet Bocephues*
July 15th 2009 - Traditonal/Correct
Beautiful buck. Very stocky and showy. Out of TST1 Windyu Acres Bo Diddley and Parker's Gourmet Just Kinky. Excellent sire for your meat operation.
$225 no papers $275 with ABGA paperwork.

*Drowsy Waters Hillbilly Bone~
February 14th 2010 - Twin - Tan
Lovely honey colored buckling out of great lines. Dad is commercial and mom is a fullblood out of Elite Ennobled and Ennobled show and meat stock. Very stocky. Excellent for breeding or for meat.

The Does

*Goat Palace T Sophie Cornflower*
March 20th 2008 - Single - Traditional markings
Excellent fullblood doe. Gave us twins this year (her first kidding season) and has raised them very well. Very stocky and meaty. Out of Elite Ennobled KTM Tuck and Goat Palace T. Diva. Wonderful lines. Registered with USBGA.

*Drowsy Waters Scarlett*
February 14th 2010 - Twin - Brown cap with some non traditional markings
Very nice doeling. Very long. Should do well in any breeding program. Commercial dad. Mom is Goat Palace T Sophie Corflower (see above).
$125 or $150 registered at 50% with USBGA.

*Drowsy Waters Miss Lonely*
February 8th 2010 - Single - Brown and white...very cute markings.
Lovely doeling that should do well. Out of commercial Boer parents.

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