Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy Spring

So...everything has been very busy! My apologies for such a late post.

All the kids have been doing well and most have found new homes. We are still raising three bottle babies and have four lambs and one buck still on their moms. Its time to wean those ram lambs soon!

A new addition, now one of our bottle babies, is KRK Johann. He is an amazing ram! Thank you so much Karen!!!!!! I will try and get pictures of him up soon. He just hit two months and is already larger then our four month old market wether that is boarded with him.

My two 15 month old ewes are due on Monday! Then we will really be done until next January.

The pasture is growing quickly. My favorite time of year. Alfalfa rations are low and milk is high. :-)

No pictures for this post (I'm currently up in Washington), but I'll try and post again soon!

Thanks for looking,