Thursday, January 29, 2009

Amelia and Co.

Poor Amelia. We knew that after several hours and a concerning amount of blood that something had seriously gone wrong. Unfortunately #1 was lost. It looked like somehow his oxygen source had been cut off and he was MASSIVE which probably explains the long labor. About an hour later, with comparable ease, she delivered an adorable ewe and ram lamb.

All though all seem a bit tired, Dorothy and Brooke have full tummies and Mom is getting a well deserved rest!

Way to go Amelia! Triplets your first lambing and extremely good sized. I'm just sorry she lost her first lamb. Poor girl.

Brooke Burgess
Half hour after birth #3 of triplets
7 lbs

Dorothy (Dot) Stanbury
Half hour after birth #2 of triplets
8 1/2 lbs



Drowsy Waters Farm


Peggy said...

congratulations Amelia!! What a big set of babies to have the first time around

Amy said...