Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Can you believe that 2009 is already here?

This month should be an exciting one. I'm currently spending several days with my sister who has a large flock of Katahdin sheep south of Salem. She has 22 ewes due within the next month or so and the idea was for me to help with lambing...however, no lambs yet. Some very nice, fat looking ewes though!

Penny is due on January 22nd. I can hardly wait. It's ridiculous, I'm like this every year. Penny is a special doe (all my critters are, but Penny has an interesting story). I would normally never have purchased her as I saw her. I was pretty shocked. She was a pretty petite yearling doe still shy of 100 lbs. I was told that she'd had twins in March (I purchased her in July) but because they were out of hay at the time (!!!!) her milk hadn't come in. So...Grandma who was already in milk took care of them. Not a good start for any milk doe! So yes, she was small and skittish and had been bred to young only to not come into milk. But she was NUBIAN (any one who has raised many of this breed know what I mean. There is no resisting them!) and she needed some love (and at least another 50lbs on her).
So, yes we brought Penny home.
After some rather trying times around one of the out buildings trying to catch her, Penny finally settled down and is now very friendly (well, friendly to me and a select few, but she's getting better). Within a month she had filled out beautifully and grown taller as well.
Now she's so large with babies and (thankfully!) her milk is coming in you'd never recognize her except for her sweet, dark eyes.
I like to come to a farm and see the goat (or any animal) I'm about to bring home healthy, glossy coated, friendly, and curious. I like to see the owners be normal, friendly people. I'd never do it again, but I'm glad I have Penny. One of those blessings you can't really see at the time.

She's a beautiful purebred ADGA registered doe ready to produce and to be entirely loved.

Drowsy Water's Ella is due five days following and then our two Sr. ewes all with in ten days of Penny's due date. It should be an exciting week! I can't wait until I can post lamb and kid pictures!

(C.K. Amelia pictured as a yearling. Due late January!)

Thanks for reading!

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Peggy said...

I really know what you mean about Nubians and wanting to care for those that need extra care. We brought 8 Nubians from TN where the owner was sick and couldn't care for them. It was winter and they were only eating what they could find in the woods. That was last year. Now they are healthy happy and loving. I wouldn't do it again but I wouldn't trade these girls for anything. Diva is still queen of our herd and was a little miffed when we brought them home but now gets along great with them. My husband travels Oregon alot and tells me of all the beautiful goats he sees along the way. Maybe one was your farm! Thanks for stopping by my blog.