Friday, January 9, 2009

Aravis and her Triplets

Today, Aravis' triplets turn one year old! Aravis herself will be three in a few weeks. Parsley and Rue are one month pregnant and Harry will go in the freezer soon.

Pictured to the above, Aravis with her "babies" in July 2008.

Aravis at three weeks

Aravis at 2 years

Aravis at 2 years

Louis at 5 years
These lambs are double Louis and show his excellent genetics.
Our line breeding has produced some excellent young ewes.

Louis 4 years

Parsley and Harry
3 weeks

Harry at 3 weeks

Parsley at 3 weeks

Harry at 5 months

Rue at 5 months

Parsley at 6 months

Parsley at 7 months

Rue as a yearling


Johanna said...

Great pics, Bethany. Excellent stock! Where'd you get that great ram?? ;-)

Johanna said...

You need to post new pics of Aravis's new lambies! They are so cute!