Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Busy Day...Begun

At about 6 I hurried down to the barn to check on Amelia, who I'd penned up last night. She was having small, erratic contractions and pawing so I figured lambs should be coming soon!

At about 7 I went back down and started regular chores. Amelia seemed about the same. When I got to Penny's pen I got her up (she was still a little sleepy looking) and fed her. She'd obviously dropped her kids during the night. Within about five minutes of she'd broken her water and it didn't take long until she was in serious labor. By 8:30 I could see the first hoof and within minutes she'd delivered the first one, a spotty doe! Without getting up or turning around number two came out! A lovely brown doe that looks like mom. By 9 we were all cleaned up and the babies at the house!

Amelia continues to have erratic contractions, but I certainly hope she'll deliver before the afternoon. Poor girl!
Penny's Twins
1 hour old after first feeding!

Ada Clare - 6 lbs
Caddy Turveydrop - 7 lbs

Caddy, the spotty gal

And Caddy and Ada again.

Drowsy Waters Farm


Peggy said...

Oh they are adorable!! You are much better than I for bottle feeding. I did the first year but couldn't stand the looks and cries the girls gave me for taking their babies. LOL

Amy said...

Congrts on the doelings!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Little angels! Thanks so much for sharing the pics.