Friday, February 12, 2010


Rosalind finally lambed this morning (I've been watching her for a week now. She carries her weight sort of low so I keep thinking she's dropped :-).

She gave me three gorgeous brown ewe lambs!!!!!!!!!!!! Venice, Marseille, and Emily. These babies parents are both KRK and they will be 100% provable Katahdin!

Wow. How exciting!

I'll get pictures up one of these busy days. :-)

Current Baby Count

5 ewes - 10 lambs
(9 ewes and 1 ram!)
4 does - 8 kids (6 does and 2 bucks)

Thanks for reading.
Miss Pickwickian

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Mary Humphrey said...

She is beautiful. With a peaceful expression.

Many of my girls are heavy, with bellies hanging low. A few are too wide for my liking. One may have quads.

Busy, blessed life. Do you agree?