Friday, February 19, 2010

Kidding Season Stuff

I always buy my pre-kidding season stuff in the fall when I'm selling lambs and kids. This insures that I have the money for it, as well that I'll have it when I need it. It's worked much better for me then the old method. :-)

There are several products we have found invaluable over the years, and I thought I'd just list a few. I would be really happy to hear what works for you guys. Breeders' experience is often the best. :-)

Nutra Drench-
We buy the sheep and goat drench in bulk. This is an awesome product and helps me feel much safer when I can't get colostrum in a baby quickly or a mama's gotten beat from a hard labor. As a rule I use it on all new born babies and moms just once after as soon as possible.

Bova Sera-
A newer discovery, Bova Sera has really been an amazing product. We used to use Hoegger's Goat Serum for our kids, but it's one quick way to drain your funds. Bova-Sera covers a wider variety of problems and can be used on sheep too. One reason I use it on every mama and baby after delivery is it's power over enertoximia, a problem we all face at one time or another. (CD&T can not be absorbed by kids until at least 2 weeks!) It is also very good for animals that are about to be moved or undergo some sort of unavoidable stress. Highly recommend this product and it is considerably cheaper then Serum!

Omega-3 Drech-
I've used this for four years now on new kids and moms. It really gives an energy boost. I like to use it on kids that won't be getting a lot of colostrum or have to be away from mom for a time. Excellent for bottle babies.

Of course we give Bo-Se to every mom and kid after delivery as well. In our area, selenium is a big thing to watch.

We have found a baby feeding tube a life saver in many situations. It's very easy to use and can give those cold or tired babies the extra boost they need that they just aren't strong enough to get any other way. Extremely affordable! You should really have one of these in your stash. $5 might save the life of one of your babies someday.

Is another thing to have in your fridge. Helps prevent infection after you assist with a delivery or after a mom tares or retains her afterbirth. Well worth it...

We always keep products on hand for milk fever (even though we've never had a case in the past 11 years), meds for pregnancy toxemia, B Complex for low moms, J Lube, plastic gloves, lots of clean rags, iodine, and more....

One thing I realized we didn't have this year that we probably should is a leg snare. I've never had much faith in them because I just don't see how they could work in the situations I would use them in. They must, though, because people use them! It would sure be nice to get a leg when my hands just can't.
I of course would like an ultrasound machine and a bottle of oxytocin...we all have dreams. ;-)

Of course for you....You need an alarm clock that works and is hard to turn off in your sleep, coffee, lots of clothes to go through, and some time somewhere where you can get some sleep!

I actually went through all of kidding and bottle babying this year without any caffeine! Oh I wanted to, but I didn't. :-) Certainly a first. :-)

Please share what helps you through kidding and lambing season!
Miss Pickwickian

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