Monday, February 8, 2010

First Boers of the Year

Today my kidding and lambing pens maxed out...

I had two does and one ewe that looked like they could let loose today, so I bumped Aravis and Amelia with their lambs to the group pen and pasture. I normally would be dandy with this, but since we've got plenty of mud right now, I'm not so pleased.

I freed up one entire pen and moved a close ewe to the other barn. I came back up, took a two hour nap and came back down.

More kids! Sophie had given birth to twins, on big red buck inside all cleaned up and one traditional Boer doeling outside, all muddy. Poor girl. But it wasn't long before they were fat and happy, and I'll give Sophie some slack since it's her first kidding and she was with the other goats. :-) This is my first Fullblood Boer doe to kid! She's crossed with a "Monkey" who is a Nubian/Oberhasli grade. This babies are going to be hardy, stocky, and milk power houses. Exactly what I want!!!!! I'm so excited!

They are the cutest things!

Baby Count
3 ewes - 6 babies
2 does - 3 babies

And a 7:2 girl:boy ratio. I'll forgive the singles this year with my flushing failure... Everyone seems happy and healthy at the moment...and I don't think the day is over!
I'll post pictures when I get a chance.

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian

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