Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Babies Everywhere!

So yesterday....

Sophie (Fullblood Boer) had twins, Brunswick and Scarlett.

Gwenie (Commercial Boer) gave us a big girl...Miss Lonely. And yeah, she deserves the name, because Gwenie will have nothing to do with her and I couldn't get anyone to foster her. So much for no bottle babies this year.

Parsley (Katahdin) finally gave birth to one gigantic ewe lamb, Texas.

I don't have pictures of the new babies yet, but will get some soon.

I'm forgiving the singles because they are gals and because of the flushing failure in the fall. This next year year we are using experienced bucks and rams.

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian

Vienna comes to meet Sicily and Paris

Amelia and Vienna at 4 days old

Another pic of Amelia and Vienna at 4 days old

Miss Lonely a few minutes after birth

Aravis and her twin ewe lambs, Paris and Sicily
6 days old


Johanna said...

I love seeing all your little sweetie-pies! Thanks for posting the photos! :-)

Jim Fisher said...