Monday, August 24, 2009

Clackamas County Fair

The Clackamas County Fair went well. Johann behaved himself, surprisingly. :-) There was a very good representation of Katahdins for the size of the sheep show. It was good to ease into it with just Johann...hopefully I'll get my registrations before the State Fair this Thursday! I'm still waiting!

I hope to do the Clackamas Fair again next year with some more sheep.

Can't wait until this Thursday when, Lord willing, will be bring in five sheep. (I think that's all we can fit in our mini van...We need a pickup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I'll be sure to do a good post with plenty of pics after the fair.

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Johann and Me...not exactly standing nicely, is he?

Clackamas County Jr Ram Lamb Line Up

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Johanna said...

How ever unruly Johann was, he makes up for it in handsomeness. :-)