Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sheep Inventory

These are the two new, orphan lambs. Unfortunately the light was dying, so the picture isn't to wonderful. One lovely ewe and ram, Westlock and Mercy. Thank you Karen of KRK!
Some of our lambs. The two larger ones in front are our new lambs, Ophelia and Juliet. They are out of March triplets.
And this is dear Johann. :-) Our ram lamb from KRK.
And this is my sweet late April girl, Hagar. She really is gorgeous. Very long and deep and CUTE!
And these are two of the Boer girls...just had to stick some goats in the post.
This is Dotty, my only January lamb left on the farm. We will be keeping her for our breeding program. I wish she was a little longer, but she's a nice big girl and I love her markings! She'll be going to the state fair with us.
And this is two of my older girls. Celia, the one standing is our new 7 year old ewe and Aravis, my matriarch is the ewe sitting. They certainly have the spots! I'm still trying to get Celia to hold her weight better, but she's improving.
This is Parsley, an Aravis yearling. She had lovely little Hagar and Tamar in April.
This is my new 6 year old KRK ewe, Rosalind.
And these are some of the gals. Front to back- Juliet, Hagar, Tamar, and Ophelia, with a two year old in the background, Amelia.
Rue, another Aravis yearling, sniffs noses with papa.

My light was fading in these pictures, so I'll try to get some nice ones in the sunshine sometime soon, but that gives some pictures of my new gals!

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Johanna said...

Nice! I especially like Celia!

Jenny Holden said...

They look like real characters! What breed are they? We don't have anything like them in Britain!

Susannah said...

Louis is so cute. ;-)