Monday, August 3, 2009

Test Results

We sent in blood work several days ago on all the goats and sheep. Everyone came back OPP and CAE negative! Praise God! Also just received a fax from Gene Check on my two rams for their Scrapie Resistance tests. Both came out RR! Another wonderful report! I couldn't be more pleased with it all.

I'll be getting new pictures up soon of our new ewes. I have to lovely older girls (six and seven) from KRK. One was actually originally bred and owned by the breeder of our spotted ram Louis, who we purchased seven years ago. I thought that was kind of fun, because I didn't even know it when I purchased her. She's a very pretty girl, mostly white with dark brown spots. The other is a KRK ewe and is golden brown with very similar markings as my big ewe, Amelia. We are calling them Celia and Rosalind. They've settled in very nicely.

I also have to lovely March ewe lambs from Louise in Dufur Oregon. They are not registered, but very nice, big gals. I'm very pleased with them. They are both red, one very light and one dark and are full sisters from triplets. They have been named Juliet and Ophelia.

We have our fair entries in! We will only be taking Johann, our KRK ram lamb to the Clackamas county fair because of the pinch of getting our registrations back. For the state fair I will be showing five, Johann, two yearling ewes, Rue and Parsley, a Sr. ewe lamb, Dotty, and a ewe lamb, Hagar. I'm pretty excited!

Anyways...that's just a bit of the news. I'll be posting pictures soon. I hope you are all staying cool! We have had a long hot spell here!


Johanna said...

Great news! Looking forward to the State Fair! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good news! Glad everything is going so well for you.