Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shedding Sheep and 2011 Lambs

DWB Vienna
CKN Amelia x KRK Johann
Almost a yearling.

DWB Verona
Katahdin/Dairy cross yearling.

Aravis, Parsley, Juliet, Beatrice, and Touchstone.

DWB Parsley with her twin ram lambs, Jaques and Touchstone.

DWB Paris
Yearling ewe out of CKN Aravis and KRK Johann.

DWB Narissa
Triplet ewe lamb.

KRK Mercy
Three day old twins, Katherina and Gremio.

9 Years old.

DWB Katherina
Love the black speckles. We rarely get true black here. She's my only Louis daughter this year. A keeper for sure. :-)

DWB Florence
Love this triplet ewe. She's now officially one! :-)

VJ Athens and her ewe lamb, Beatrice.

KRK Ben-Hur
Now a yearling! He produced some excellent lambs this year.

CKN Aravis and one of her twins, Benedict.

DWB Troy :-)

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Happy Homemaker said...

I love Katherina's feet and nose!