Monday, April 11, 2011

Ewes for Sale 2011

DWB 17M Viola
February 13th
Sire: KRK 1068 Judah Ben-Hur (Triplet. QQ.)
Dam: 0003 Juliet (Triplet. QQ.)
Full Katahdin. Recorded 50%.
Available July 1st

This is a rather poor picture of Portia. She's the lamb facing away, but this gives you an idea of her markings. Better picture comings soon. :-)

DWB 21P Portia
February 21st
Sire: KRK 977 Johann (Triplet. RR.)
Dam: DWB 10P Hagar (Twin. ?)
Full Katahidin - 65.6% Recorded
Available June 1st

Adult ewe
DWB 10M Dotty
January 29th 2009
Triplet - RR
Sire: AV Louis (Twin. RR.)
Dam: CKN 1104 Amelia (Twin. RR.)
Full Katahdin. Recorded 18.7%

Dotty has lambed twice producing and raising five healthy lambs.
She is a small ewe. Her mother was a good 250lbs, but Dotty was bred much younger and doesn't look as impressive. She's a good mom with excellent lines.

Available June 1st

I know this is a bit of an unflattering view... Another picture coming. :-)

Adult Ewe
0004 Opehlia
March 2009
Triplet - QQ
Commercial Katahdin

Gave us twins this year.

Available June 1st

Red ewe. All three lambs are her 2011 triplets.

Adult ewe
KRK 42 Rosalind
February 17th 2003
Twin - QR
Sire: NF 574
Dam: BSA 114
Registered Katahdin

I've had her for two lambings and she's given me six lambs. Excellent mother. Carries her babies very low. Real sweetie. Good home only. :-)

Available June 1st

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