Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Chaos

This summer promises to be a busy one!

We are now officially entered in our county fair (Washington County). That's the last week of July. It was a pretty hard decision on who to take, especially on the lambs. I ended up deciding on Johann, Ben-Hur, Hagar, Mercy, Texas, and Paris. We'll see how they do...

Because of all the other insane things we are attempting this summer we are not going to do the Canby or Clark fairs. (Although I will be at Clark helping show.) We will only be at State and Washington county.

With everything going on I'm really trying to move out anything for sale.

We currently still have three February doelings. Two Nubian grade milk line girls and one commercial Boer. We also have an two year old American Nubian doe in milk.

All of our sheep that we wish to sell have been sold or reserved. Yeah!

We have two adult Holland Lop does available and 9 babies which will be weaned in two weeks.

Please inquire or pass on the info if you hear of interest.
Thanks so much,

Miss Pickwickian

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