Monday, June 7, 2010

Gene Check, Inc Results

Today we got our blood test results back! All our sheep were OPP negative. We started testing three years ago and so far have always been negative. Yeah! Thank you, God!

I had 7 sheep Scrapie resistants tested as well.

CKN Amelia- RR
CKN Aravis- QR
002 57 Juliet- QQ
003 54 Ophelia- QQ
Maggie- QR
Geneva- QR
DWB 18P Lisbon- RR

So, so results. I knew Aravis, Amelia, and Lisbon were at least QR. I, obviously wish that Aravis was RR (and then I would know the status of a bunch of my sheep since they come from her), but QR is certainly not bad. :-)

So here is what I know now....


KRK 977 Johann- RR
Louis- RR
KRK Judah Ben-Hur- QQ
DWB Leipzig- at least QR by genetics...triplet is RR

~Mature Ewes~

CKN Amelia- RR
CKN Aravis- QR
DWB Parsley- at least QR by genetics
KRK Rosalind- QR
Athens (new Montana ewe....don't have numbers yet)- Unknown...checking with KRK to see if she'd been tested.
Maggie- QR

~Yearling Ewes~

DWB Hagar-
Ophelia- QQ
Juliet- QQ
DWB Dotty- RR
KRK Mercy- Unknown at this point. Checking with KRK.

~Ewe Lambs~

DWB Texas
- at least QR by genetics
DWB Symphony- RR
DWB Venice- at least QR by genetics
DWB Paris- at least QR by genetics
DWB Lisbon- RR
DWB Verona- at least QR by genetics
DWB Genoa- at least QR by genetics
DWB Vienna- RR
Geneva- QR

Obviously I'd like to know everyone's exact status, but this is getting closer. Juliet and Ophelia are commercial ewes that were traded for a ram lamb last year. I was a little disappointed that they were QQ, but since they are unrelated to my RR rams, it is much better. I just won't be breeding them with Ben-Hur.

Anyways...all in all I was pretty pleased. :-)

Also got my lamb registrations right, although some got returned all wrong and transfers didn't get completed. Ah well...KHSI registry has moved and things are all new and different. We all need some slack. The new look is very nice. :-)

I have a bunch of photos I took several weeks ago, that I need to post sometime...

Thanks for reading,
Miss Pickwickian

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