Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Lambs...and finally some pictures!

Well...I said I couldn't wait until Dolly had her lambs!

I checked on her early. By the way she looked last night I really thought I should have some lambs down there. I should have got up during the night to check. :-P

She had one head out and I could feel one more head and only one leg.... I tried, but couldn't get anything to move anywhere. We'd already lost the first lamb and I was worried about the one right behind. It didn't respond when I stuck my finger in the it's mouth.

The vet could not get here fast enough!

It was a mess, but they got untangled and amazingly the other two lambs made it!!!!
So much for her not being as big as her sister, Maggie. These lambs are good sized, too. Dolly is very worn out. Poor girl. She must have been trying all night. I hope she pulls through healthy. She's has proved herself and her determination.

You know that point when you get the shoulders and head and the rest just slips out? Well, the two first lambs wouldn't do that! They both had to be put all the way back in and then their back legs unfolded before the backend would come through.
And top it off, number 3 was breach!

The vet didn't think she'd have more problems next time. He actually remarked at how much room she had in there. She'll get another year to prove she can do it easy. I'll watch her more carefully next time. Sorry girl!

She's to tired and weak to stand for very long but thankfully she has enough milk that the babies can easily nurse well she's laying down. I hope she gains her strength quickly and I don't have to deal with prolapse!

I learned a lot by this vet visit. This position was a lot like Ella's. I'm hoping I can deal with this sort of thing better next time. This position was complex enough, I'm so glad I didn't wait to call the vet.
Thank you so much Dr. Fischer of Newberg Veterinary Hospital for pulling them through!

Triplet girls again! That makes 18 lambs with only 2 ram lambs.

I finally got pictures!
Miss Pickwickian

RR Resources Virginia Grace
Babies Hillbilly Bone and Georgia.

DWB Vienna

DWB Texas

DWB Sicily
So meek and sweet, just like mom. :-)

Drowsy Waters Scarlett

Miss Lonely
The clown

Our first Dairy lambs!
This is one of Maggie's six day old triplets. They are half Katahdin and half dairy.

Another girl...

One of Dotty's week old girls.

Scarlett and Georgia fighting


DWB Florence
Spoiled favorite

Ella's babies
Bristol, Alexandria and Sweet Potato Pie

Ella girl

DWB Glennifer (Glennie)
One of Dotty's one week old ewe lambs

DWB Elaine
Dotty's other ewe lamb

And the young, yet capable, Dotty herself

My last ewe to lamb
Big enough yet?

Drowsy Waters Brunswick

The bottle babies
Have to love that smile!

The bottle babies again...
Miss Lonely, Florence, and Little Dorrit

Little Dorrit, Florence, and Miss Lonely

Atlanta, my prettiest, sweetest doe kid this year. :-)

Atlanta again...

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Polka Dot said...

Every single picture you have of Miss Lonely is absolutely hilarious! She has a lot of personality. :-)