Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maggie and Dolly the Dairy Girls

Last fall we added the first dairy sheep to our farm (and our first wool sheep). I'm not planning on making the dairy sheep a big deal, but I would like to mix some of them in with the Katahdins to help keep good milking lines in there. So far I am more impressed then I thought I'd be.

Our two ewes (thank you Colleen!) where born 5/07 and this is their first lambing season. I was mildly concerned because they were older, but they've done great.

Maggie, the biggest ewe, gave me lovely, adorable triplets on Friday. Two ewes and a ram. I can't believe I don't have names for them yet. :-) Maybe because that makes 25 babies for us this year! That feels like a lot of names.
The babies are very, very plump and frisky. She is feeding them very well and still has milk leftover. I think this dairy sheep thing was a good idea. :-)

Dolly has dropped her babies and we are just waiting to see what she gives us. She's not near as plump as sister so I'm hoping our last Katahdin will hurry and have her lambs at the same time. Maybe I can foster one over. Our last Katahdin ewe, Celia, is massive. I'm not sure if I want her to raise triplets since she is older and doesn't have a huge udder. This is her first lambing here and I just don't know what to expect. If Dolly only has a single, or even if she has twins, I'm probably going to have to milk her out some. She looks like a real producer.

Those are our last two ewes! It would be nice if we got twins and triplets and that would put me up to 20 lambs even with a total of 30 goats and sheep born here this year.

We'll see. :-)

Lambing total right now is 7 ewes for 15 lambs with 13 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs! We have been so blessed this year!

Thanks for reading. I'll post pictures soon.
Miss Pickwickian

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