Saturday, September 12, 2009

KHSI Expo and Sheep Pics!

Just got back from the KHSI Expo in Corvallis! It was amazing and I learned so much. Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.

I will be posting a much better update later, but am still waiting for pictures and my brain...

Here are farm pics I took last week.

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Parsley and Rue
Yearling Triplets that both gave me twins this year.
KRK Mercy
July Ewe Lamb
Johann and his ewes coming in for grain!
Another pic of Johann with ewes
One of Parsley's late April lambs
Hagar again...
Love her and she's a nice big ewe lamb for her age.
The ewe lambs coming in for grain! Love Dotty's look on the far right.
Another July lamb from KRK
Westlock again...
The ewe lambs. Left to right- Ophelia, DWB Hagar, Juliet, DWB Tamar, and DWB Dotty.
Really like this batch of ewes I'm keeping along with the younger KRK ewe lamb, Mercy.
One of Amelia's late January triplets.
We took the bars out of the creep feeder until lambing...and they all enjoy it.
Celia again...
Westlock and Mercy coming in for their bottles!
One of my foundation ewes.

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Johanna said...

Love that first pic of Johann coming in for grain. He looks VERY enthusiastic!