Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well, it really feels like summer here! Several days in up to 90 degrees! And fields of cut hay and red clover everywhere.

Life has been busy as usual.

Shya, our last Toggenburg, has moved on to her 
new home! (Thank you Tammi!) And 
the new addition to Drowsy Waters, is Sydney, our n
ew Boer buckling! Pictures will be 
coming soon.

All the goats have been doing wonderful. Ella and Penny are still milking amazingly! This fall we should have our three Boer does and three milk does as well as Ruddi, Joash, and Sydney, our bucks and market wether.

We finally had a litter of Holland Lops! Isabell, our Sable Point doe, had a lovely litter of five Torts! Way to go girl. :-)

Parsley and Rue have proved to be amazing mamas. I am so pleased with Parsley's twin ewes. I think they are some of the very best lambs we've had here. They are both very large, long, and wide. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Dotty, Amelia's ewe from her triplets, is also doing very well. She's a nice big gal and very friendly and sweet. At first I was worried that she would be mean to all the month old lambs with her (I don't normally keep different age lambs in pasture together). But she frolics and goofs off with them all, just like a baby herself. She's pretty much the baby sitter. Its pretty cute.

So we have three new ewe lambs this year. In late July I am also picking up two older ewes from KRK Katahdins. Thank you Karen! I am really looking forward to owning this girls. This fall, Lord willing, our flock will consist of two rams, Louis and KRK Johann, nine ewes, and our two market ram lambs. We have been very blessed!

We currently have one Katahdin left available for sale. A four month old ram lamb for $125.
My sister also still has a couple sheep a
vailable. Contact me for details.

I've officially planned our lambs and kids for late January and early February 2010. That's not to fare away! We should have six ewes and six does kidding, if all goes well. EXCITING!

My next project is updating the website! That will be a job.

Thanks for reading,

Drowsy Waters Farm

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Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Hi Bethany, your animals are always beautiful. I know how much work you put into them, care is a better word for it. The last photo of the ewe is precious. She looks very peaceful, happy to be nibbling on hay.