Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas All!

I keep waiting to post (waiting and waiting!) because I want to post with pictures. Weather and schedule have not been lining up, so here is a pictureless post....

All is well at Drowsy Waters with only three weeks to go until lambing begins! Yes!!!!!! Hopefully we get a nice warm dry spell. :-)

I have eight ewes due this year. Four due starting on January 10th, two due starting Feb 1st, and two due in March. (The gals due in March are my new dairy sheep which didn't get situated in time here to be bred with the other ewes. That's just fine because I won't have to milk yet during our annual church camp.)

My goats are due sometime after January 10th too....but I'm thinking its quit a way after...probably mid February at the earliest. I was seeing does going into heat later in the season. I have three Boer does and three dairy does this year. Can't wait until kids!

Ideally I would have a few goats kid before our sheep so I have surplus milk encase of bottle babies, but that is just the way it worked out this year.... Hopefully all goes well. I did put some milk away in the freezer.

Anyways....that's a quick update.

Hope you all have a very wonderful Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

You sound a tad bit busy. :)

Merry Christmas!