Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preparing for Next Year

Less then a month until our planned breeding season! Today we were able to get every one vaccinated, dewormed, moved to new pastures, and hoof trimmed. It feels wonderful.

I now only have 4 lambs to wean of their moms, follow up hoof trimming, and the second dose of Bo-Se to bucks before I begin to flush everyone. Meanwhile, I have a couple ewes and does that need to lose a few pounds first. :-) Also...it might be nice if I weaned my 6 month old ram lamb from the bottle before I start using him this year...

Thank goodness its cooled off! We have had two lovely overcast days now. Perfect for outside work and for pictures...

Bunnies are growing!
Sydney- Boer buckling.
Introducing Hermen, our new bottle baby calf.
The does out in pasture.
I love the colors.
The yearlings
Louis and Mr Venus wait to go to their new pasture
The ewe lambs we are keeping this year
Hagar and Tamar (April twins) and Dotty (January triplet
Big Toff, barn kitty
Our Rebel, watchdog
Aravis and Amelia- Two ewes wait to be put out to their new pasture

Drowsy Waters Farm

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Kara said...

I enjoyed meeting some of your beautiful critters. Great photos. Thanks for visiting my blog.